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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. good monday morning. thank you for joining us, i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. right now we would like to start with the weather. >> mike giving us heat. absolutely. forecasting heat, record highs possible the next couple of days. doppler dry, thick fog around santa rosa, quarter mile visibility. rain on the way for us and new york and new jersey. >> good morning sue hall following your commute. live look at golden gate bridge, light, fog-free no problems. areas of roadwork north 101 through strawberry repaving project has three right lanes blocked. northbound 880 hegenberger.
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roadwork in san francisco north 101 before 280 and south 101 between cesar chavez and 280. developing news from contra costa county, investigators looking into a suspicious fire in pleasant hill this started before midnight. crews say smoke was coming from the middle of the building, sprinkler systems activated. there's a futon shop, the fire was knocked down in 20 minutes. investigators found what appeared to be a molotov cocktail at the scene. nail salon, massage parlor appeared to be damaged. to the latest recovery efforts from superstorm sandy one week after the hurricane slammed into 10 north eastern states, killing more than 100 people. this morning new york city commuters forced from cars by a gas shortage joined students returning to schools reopening, all cramming on to transit
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systems that are not quite ready. half of new jersey's districts are open. 80% of the power is back. more wet, windy predicted for wednesday, forcing tens of thousands, camping in the cold to search for shelter. >> the aftermath of sandy continues to be felt. disney and abc are teaming up with the american red cross to help storm victims. amy hollyfield joins us live to explain now easy it is -- how easy it is >> reporter: the bay area has deployed more than 100 volunteers to the east coast. here's some of the supplies they are taking, food, water they also hand out cleaning supplies, bleach and mops, very necessary as they cleanup after this hurricane. if you are even questioning what kind of a need there is, look at these pictures, lines of people waiting for the red
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cross volunteers, as soon as red cross shows up people standing in lines hoping to get supplies that the red cross has to hand out. hurricane sandy has kill more than 100 -- has killed more than 100 people in 10 states so many people without power, so many lost their homes. the red cross is estimating this is going to cost tens of millions of dollars. i'm joined live at pier 54 by jim mallory, a spokesperson with the red cross. people might feel nervous as they hear about huge corporations they may wonder what kind of a difference their donation can make. >> every little bit helps. the people are so appreciative of the fact we are there they get some place to stay where they are safe, warm, hot meals. working with our partners we can provide them with hot meals every day. some of our emergency vehicles
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are out looking for people that they can assist. >> reporter: what if i only have $10, $2010 -- -- $20, $50, should i bother? >> it is really important every dollar we get helps $50 would cover food, shelter comfort kits, blankets, for one person for a day. $150 would cover a family of four for a day in a shelter. every dollar that we get is important. >> reporter: thank you so much jim. abc has decided to kickoff this day of giving by giving two million dollars to the red cross encouraging everyone watching to think about what they can give. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. disney is donating two million dollars to the red cross as part of today's day of giving. samsung is getting involved.
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matching today's donations up to three million dollars. for viewer donations made to the american red cross, abc day of giving you can text abc to 9099 to give $10 to the relief efforts. you can also call 1-800-help-now. today is the final day before americans go to the polls tomorrow and the presidential candidates are on a mad dash through critical swing states. katie marzullo is live with the latest on that. >> reporter: quick note, superstorm sandy does have an impact on the election. organizers are being hopeful there won't be a major disruption for voters tomorrow in new york and new jersey they are hustling to get generators in place and set up new polling places. the candidates' attention focused in the battleground states, namely ohio.
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president obama and mitt romney will both be in columbus today. the state has chosen the winner the last 12 presidential elections. yesterday the president was in florida, mitt romney was in pennsylvania. >> if there is anyone who wonders whether better jobs or paychecks are a thing of the past i have a clear and unequivocal message. with the right leadership, america is about to come roaring back. >> the president: it is a choice between a return to the top down policies that crashed our economy or the strong, growing middle class-based policies that getting us out of a crisis. >> reporter: the race is as close as it gets, poll shows president obama with a one point lead over mitt romney, another poll shows the two in a dead heat with 48% each. after ohio president obama travels to wisconsin and iowa.
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romney holding events in florida, virginia and new hampshire. >> we'll be working around the clock to bring you up to the minute election results tomorrow. at 3 p.m. join us for a special edition of abc7 news including live reports from the obama and romney campaign headquarters. 3:30 world news, followed by live election coverage at 4 p.m., 8:00 more bay area results from abc7 news, followed by abc news returns with primetime election coverage at 8:30. get up to the minute election results on seven people pulled from a capsized boat off the coast of marin county are recovering from mild hypothermia this morning. their 25 foot boat got caught inside the surf and overturned, five people, including two children were found clinging
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to the hull rescued by sheriff's helicopter crew right away. rescuers used a power saw to reach two more children. onlookers cheered as they watch add heaven-year-old walk away and 3-year-old get -- an 11-year-old walk away and 3-year-old get carried to an ambulance. seven thousand grocery store workers on strike man being picket lines at raley's and two other markets across the bay. the union is objecting to pay freezes and cuts in health benefits. the company that owns the chain says it needs to lower operating costs. replacement workers have been brought in. no word on when talks might resume. three-day strike over wages and other issues continuing at two sonoma county hospitals. nurses and workers walked off the job this weekend.
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union leaders say the strike is the result of hospital demands to cut on-call and night shift pay. >> hope you had a great weekend. >> it was good. >> november 5th, looking at record hot temperatures. >> let's check in with mike it definitely have the chance, talked about it last week now it is here. fog in santa rosa, localized, very thick and could be dangerous, quarter mile visibility there. we'll keep an eye on it. winds fairly calm now,. storm track well north, high pressure on top of us, offshore or land breeze, temperatures going to warm quickly, 50s to 70s no near 80 by noon. in the 70s at the coast, 80s for the rest of us. by 7:00, comfy, temperatures in the 60s to near 70°.
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next couple of days tomorrow record high temperatures for election day cold front will drop us around 8 to 12° wednesday, open the door for wet weather thursday. here's sue with traffic. good morning. live to san jose 87 northbound past hp pavillion traffic moving nicely, light, no delays. northbound to the bay bridge toll, first look also light, no metering lights everything flowing smoothly on incline to upper deck. drive out of antioch not bad, 4:40 in the morning less than 15 minutes to 242 and concord. out of the central valley good ride from 205 through tracy up and over altamont pass into livermore. this is police activity in fremont downtown central avenue closed between glenmore and logan avoid the area if possible.
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new political battle brewing in the east bay. next, the war of words that has two candidates trading accusations. noisey dispute on the peninsula. the vote expected today that could make one community a little quieter. >> first this morning's tech bites. keeping hacking a secret. computer systems of major companies like coca-cola have been hacked in the past few years chances are you never heard about it. the companies keep such news a secret, many of the attacks originate in china. three out of four smartphones sold in the third quarter ran on google's system apple's share increased the gap between android and apple phones widened. harry potter game uses knect, harry potter seems like a rehash of other games but does have one special gimmick. >> you can scan your face
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welcome back. beautiful picture from sutro tower looking down on san francisco, clear start record high temperatures on the way. i'll show you your city in just a minute. the san mateo city council tonight will consider ways to regulate noisey leaf blowers. plans range from complete ban to banning on only those blowers that exceed 65 decibels to stepping up enforcement of the existing ordinance. right now they are banned on sunday and holidays must be used at low speed the rest of the time. reports the complete ban is the most expensive option,
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requiring the hiring of extra workers to hand rake city parks and private gardeners would likely charge more. a war of words is causing last minute controversy in the race for oakland city attorney. councilwoman and attorney says she will sue over a mailer from current city attorney parker. the mailer claims browner was suspended from practicing law. >> there was a short period when i was running for city council in 1995, i was not practicing law. and i did not -- was not active but i was not suspended. >> people can look it up she was ineligible to practice from july 1995 to january 1997. >> the park are campaign says she can't blame she has been practicing law for 25 years if she was ineligible for part of that time. bay area woman hit by car
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and loses
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80s just about everywhere, 78 san mateo mid to upper 70s coast. traveling away interest us high temperatures are going to be cooler -- especially up in the great lakes region towards the northeast 40s and 50s there, 60s as far south as atlanta 60 through denver and salt lake. all major airports on time, rain rolling through kansas city, st. louis towards memphis.
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light showers around seattle and portland. any delays develop our flight tracker will have them, devastating story especially for the parents. investigators in pittsburgh, pennsylvania trying determine if a little boy died falling into a zoo enclosure or mauled by wild dogs. the 2-year-old's mother placed him on a railing so he could see the african painted dogs yesterday, the boy fell into the exhibit and the dogs attacked him. zoo employees managed to get seven of the 11 dogs away. police were forced to shot and killed one of the dogs. follow-up to a story we told you about on abc7 news about a woman in a motorized wheelchair hit by a car while on the sidewalk in belmont. since our story aired last week we've received calls from people wanting to help, including one family who wants to donate their motorized
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chair. sergio quintana has details. >> reporter: this chair has been in storm for a few years but it is the first thing the spit family thought of when they -- thing the smith family thought of when they saw the story. >> we are not using it. give her the chair we have. >> reporter: the chair used to belong to leslie and edward's father. he passed way four years ago. >> we feel his spirit with us right now. on his behalf, we would like to give you the wheelchair. >> reporter: it might come in handy forgetting around the house right now stephanie is using a borrowed chair hers was badly damaged when she was mit by a woman driving a black car in belmont. the woman did stop and returned the cell phone she knocked off her chair. she gave you back your phone? >> yeah, then she said i will be back. >> reporter: and she took. police have not mentioned new leads there is a surveillance
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camera at the drive-thru. stevie any -- stephanie says she is happy the smiths are offering to help. she is hoping her souped up well chair can get fixed. tracking down the woman who ran into her would be a big help. >> they say she should pay for. >> reporter: in san mateo, sergio quintana, abc7 news. in any disaster communication is critical to response and relief efforts. now, a university with a bay area campus is developing ways to keep communications going during any major event many inside of this palo alto emergency operation center is filled with communication equipment. the research focuses on how to make sure the center can communicate with others in disaster or crisis. >> that should make it easier
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to locate people, locate where you place emergency stations, where the red cross should be and coordinate that way. >> this workshop, the third of its kind hopes to put first responders on the same page. they are developing what they call a survivable social media site where neighbors can connect. nor'easter headed their what it in northeast after sandy? >> yeah, clearly a different storm this is going to be colder, more snow, won't be as windy as the last storm, anything that is weak and leftover could be an issue will slow the recovery efforts and make that it much harder for those folks to get back to normal. unfortunately for them. we'll show you that forecast coming up soon. we have our own record-setting weather to talk about. you can see from vollmer peak, emeryville towards san francisco clear.
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live doppler 7 hd you can see it spinning and it is going to pick up just about fog that's the only thing we are going to see around santa rosa now, quarter mile visibility, the rest of us are okay. how should you dress when you step out? 48 in santa rosa, 40 night fairfield, everybody else in the 50s to 60s around san francisco and fremont, monterey bay mid 50s, inland extremes 49 gilroy, 63 in salinas. big story today, record high temperatures today and tomorrow. clear and comfortable at night temperatures in the 50s and 60s cooler wednesday, kind of a two-day deal, wet thursday, possibly friday much needed rain on the back half of this dry trend and warm trend. mid to upper 70s along the coast, a few 80s, low to mid
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80s around the bay, low to upper 80s inland with upper 80s being around santa rosa at 88° one of the warm spots, i wouldn't be surprised if you are driving and and your car thermometer hits 90 in santa rosa today. mid to upper 80s monterey bay, same inland some car thermometers are going to hit 90 from time to time today. 83 fresno, 64 tahoe, warmest mid 90s palm springs and los angeles. here's how comfortable it is going to get tonight, 50s and 60s once again, good news one once that sunsets it is going to off nicely. >> tomorrow temperatures about the same, drop 8 to 12° wednesday about another 6 to 10° thursday rain moving in. then showers friday, slow clearing but still cool saturday and sunday. san mateo bridge, from
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hayward towards foster city nice ride, smooth sailing up the highrise towards foster city boulevard no delays. macarthur maze all highways, funneling nicely, no delays at the bay bridge toll. roadwork in strawberry area mill valley strawberry north 101 three lanes until 6:00 this morning. 5:00, this roadwork in san francisco should be picked up north 101 before 280 and south between cesar chavez and 280. central avenue closed in fremont between glenmore and logan, due to police activity avoid the area there. waze app showing 680 corridor between concord and walnut creek, stall in the right lane, as you see by the app, very little traffic in the area. abc7 news exclusive traffic app available on the app store
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and google play. while the east coast struggles to get enough gas, good news here. gas prices tone drop, the average price of -- continue to drop, the average price of regular dropped 21 cents. $3.47 national average. here in california, $3.99, down two cents from saturday the in the bay area $4.15. san francisco's news miss pal railway celebrating 100th birthday by taking -- riders back in time, putting several vehicles like this patrolly coach from the 40s into operation. -- like this trolley coach from the 40s into operation. a transit enthusiast explains why muni holds a special place in history. >> first publicly owned transit system in the united states in a major city
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they were all privately operated before. >> the orange and white trolley carried passengers all around is during the 70s and 80s. >> the final day and final push to sway voters before the nation elects a president. next, we are live outside the obama headquarters chicago with last minute appeals the president and mitt romney are making. why an arizona group pouring money into the -- [ unintelligible ] [ inaudible ] .
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